Five Jewellery Favourites Every Bride Needs


A gown without a veil. A saree without zari. A blouse without embroidery. On a wedding day, these seem off, don’t they? It is akin to a bride without jewellery. A traditional Indian wedding is dipped in dipped in silk and embellished with gold. A wedding with jewellery is unthinkable. Why, even the simplest of weddings is incomplete without a glint of gold, a shimmer of silver, a dash of diamond. There are certain things a bride can do without but jewellery is not one of them.

So here are the six jewellery favourites every bride needs:

Mesmerising Maang Tikkas

A maang tikka truly sets the bride apart from everyone else. It adds a touch of royalty to the bride’s wedding ensemble. Brides have so much to choose from – from kundan stones to plain gold, from small pendant-styles to mathapattis, there is no dearth of styles and fashions when it comes to maang tikkas.



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New-fashioned Necklaces

It goes without saying that a necklace has no substitute on your wedding day. Bold, multi-strand necklaces and even classic, perfectly cut diamonds sync up exquisitely with your outfit, no matter what it is – whether you’re wearing a lehenga-blouse, a saree-blouse or a gown. Another universally flattering cut is the V-neckline – something that every church wedding witnesses these days!



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Exquisite Earrings

As a bride, your ears simply cannot go bare. That you have to flaunt heavy earrings on your wedding day is a myth. It is, after all, your day and your choice. The prevailing trend is to go in for stone-studded earrings with light, pastel tones. If your wedding is on the grander side, we suggest you opt for bold reds and maroons for that Palace-wedding feel. Whatever you choose, be sure it complements your outfit. You don’t want to end up wearing pastel pink if your outfit is a bright green!

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Need those Nose-rings

So you don’t have a nose piercing. Big deal! Presenting the new-fangled trend of clip-ons. Whether you’re going in for a small stud or an elaborate string that links your nose ring to your delicate hairdo, these little lovelies are all that rage. Now, not every style may suit your ensemble, so keep in mind that nose rings have to go perfectly with your jewellery. A stringed nose ring is only good if your wedding dress is a little on the heavier, traditional side. If you’re a blushing bride from the South, we suggest a small stud that oozes tradition. If you’re from the East or North, clip on those large rings!


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Bling on those Bangles

Not only are bangles a great fashion trend for brides, they’re also the merriest jewellery item in their box. The gentle clink of bangles as a bride goes through ritual after ritual, the femininity and grace they accentuate is unparalleled. From solid gold to delicate silver, from classic glass to precious platinum, bangles are an absolute must in a bride’s box.


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We know what you’re thinking – what about rings and anklets and about a dozen other objects of glittering desire that a bride needs? Well, we’ve just about grazed the top of the list. For a perfect wedding, a bride does need all this and more. So, if you do come up with everything else she cannot do without, just leave us a comment below!



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