3 Ways to Stay Sangeet Ready!

It’s almost wedding time. Your face already has that sparkle which only comes from expecting a flourish, pomp and show. All those days leading up to the big day have been spent checking and double-checking every bead on your blouse every crease on his sherwani; every carefully packed giveaway, every centrepiece for dinner. But while you were going through all these details, you’ve also enjoyed the anticipation that comes with the sangeet, easily one of India’s most fun and entertaining parts of a wedding!

Song, dance and merriment with a lot of laughter – who doesn’t enjoy a good sangeet? It’s something for everyone. So how do you make sure that it stands out among the hustle and bustle of wedding preparations? At Taarini, we’ve seen our fair share of bombastic sangeets, so here’s how you can be all set for your own!

Calling all Dancing Queens:

Oops! Some of your guests have shown up with high heels, haven’t they? And we all know how hard it can be to burn the dance floor with your feet groaning thanks to those pair of stilettos. That’s why it’s always advisable to leave a stand full of comfy flats at the entrance. Tell your guests to slip into a pair before they start to revel to pumped up Bollywood numbers. To make these flats and flip-flops festive, consider getting them in gold and silver colours, or go the whole hog and get funky with them! Bedazzle the slippers with rhinestones, zentangle a few, just go crazy!

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Shake your Pom Pom:


Er no, it’s not what you’re thinking of. Have you considered using props at your sangeet? Pretty, glittering poms poms to shake in the air as you dance along to your favourite beats. They’ll make for a great surprise at the sangeet, where all everyone expects is some music and games. Besides, these pretty little pom poms are DIY, so you can make them yourself! Guests can also take them as they’re leaving – kind of like a ‘thank you for coming’ giveaway. If you’re into the idea of using props, you could also consider getting some quirky ones like comically large sunglasses, or headbands that light up in the dark to create a perfect party atmosphere.

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DJ Hour:

There’s nothing people like more than choosing what to shake a leg to. Everyone has that one song that really gets them going. Whether it’s a peppy Bollywood number or a Trance special from Europe, they would love to be their own DJ. So give them just that! For a whole hour, let your guests pick their favourite songs and perform to it. Give them a DJ hat, a funky set-up, the works. Just set the atmosphere and you’re good to go!


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So there you have it! We’ve shared with you three unique and sure-shot ways of cranking it up a notch when it comes to your sangeet. We know our Indian weddings, and if there’s one things that people do remember (apart from the food!) from the ceremonies, it is a raging sangeet. So have fun, blow it up and don’t forget to tell us if these tips came in handy – just leave your comments below!






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