5 Mehndi Designs You Can’t Say No To!

The wedding season is already underway. Brides are shoe shopping and causing a fashion frenzy while grooms fret over breaking the beard for a fortnight. All for that coveted glamour and oomph. After all, your wedding day is one of the most special occasions, so why not indulge?

Speaking of indulgence, let us turn our attention to a wedding’s most fun-filled and exciting events: the mehndi ceremony.

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The song-and-dance aside, what the bride loves to set her eyes n are her adorned hands. It is where an artist’s creativity is unleashed with intricately woven patterns of the traditional henna.

Here’s a quick peek at the 7 mehndi designs that are reigning supreme at weddings:

Raja & Rani

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Gathering pace in popularity amongst young brides in India is this Raja-Rani mehndi design. Symbolic of the coming together of a prince and a princess, this design has its roots in the grand Mughal era, when art and romance reigned supreme. If that isn’t enough of an incentive to go in for this beautiful design, we don’t know what is!

Floral queen

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There are few things as heart-warming as a pair of hands adorned with floral patterns. It is feminine, graceful and beautiful, everything that the bride hopes to be on her wedding day. Bordered by leaves, the hibiscus flower is the design of choice for weddings. It is one pattern that will never go out of vogue with brides.

Pretty as a peacock

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There is something innately Indian and extraordinarily beautiful about peacocks. From their plumage to their piercing eyes, these magnificent creatures personify elegance. So, it is no wonder, then, that brides are becoming increasingly fascinated with the idea of having their palms and legs embellished with a peacock-patterned mehndi. All the better to show off those happy feet!

Mandala special


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Mandalas are all the rage today. From the back of hands to the napes of necks, tattoos and henna designers are flocking to mandalas for it has caught the fancy of one and all. And what’s not to like? With their impossibly intricate, delightfully delicate patterns, mandalas scream royalty. So go on, get yours on your wedding day!

Hearts united

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A wedding is nothing if not the coming together of hearts. What better way to emphasise that a henna design that serves to remind you how very lucky you are to have found your significant better half? Your hands adorned with the two halves of a heart, surrounded by beautifully crafted art can be a wonderful memory to look back on fondly.

Motifs for mehndi are not limited to plain mango designs and patterns without a direction. On your wedding day, you are the princess and what your heart desire counts. Take your pick, whether it happens to be the simplest of mehndi designs or the most intricate. Every detail will make your smile shine that much brighter!



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