5 Must-Haves for the Perfect Wedding

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Designing the perfect wedding takes time, effort and a wild imagination – three things that there is almost no room for when you’re so caught up in the rest of your wedding planning. After all, if you don’t make sure your lehenga is pressed and steamed, who will? And while you’re doing that, your table décor is left woefully abandoned (oh no!), and thereby starts the vicious cycle.

Thankfully, at Taarini weddings, we take care of your wedding design for you, whether your wedding is a grand affair or a quaint little budget wedding. Having taken care of this important aspect of weddings on numerous occasions, we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you make sure that nothing is out of place on your special day. From décor to food to themes, we’ve done it all. So, sit back and keep calm as we take you through five things you need to have on your checklist to make your wedding as gorgeous as it can be!

Table Décor, Centerpieces 

Classy, spunky, cheerful, sophisticated. Centerpieces are more than just flowers in a vase. Guests spend a lot of time sitting at their table during dinner at a wedding reception. So the centerpiece is something they are bound to remember. The best thing about table décor and centerpieces is that they serve more than one purpose. If your reception is a soft, dimly lit event, your centerpiece could be a beautiful bowl of water with floating petals and candles in it to light up the table! Just make sure it goes with the theme of your wedding, and you should be good to go.

Lanterns and paper craft

With more and more couples getting excited about offbeat weddings, we at Taarini have seen a sudden interest in unusual décor. So step aside thick flower garlands, hello lanterns. Wedding lanterns are absolutely stunning, particularly if your reception is out on the lawns in the evening. They spark cheer and energy in the wedding party and what’s more, they’re extremely easy to make as well. Get ready to create your own delightful ambience!

Car décor

Gone are the days when a simple ‘Just Married’ sign on the car bumper was enough to show the world you were newlyweds. These days, things are a tad different. Well, a lot different. So, don’t hesitate to bring on satin sashes for the bonnet, and pastel-coloured ballons for the bumper. You can also show the windows some love – just wrap your flower in a lace of gold or silver to add a touch of festive glamour, and you’re all set to tell the world you’re married!


It’s not always about flashy bulbs hanging from the ceiling. After all, as the bride and groom, it’s certain that you’re going to have your own designated lights to make you look even more pristine and flawless. When it comes to covering every detail of your wedding, be sure to spend some time picking the lighting at the chosen location. Soft, romantic lighting looks great outdoors. Fairy lights, tea lights, crystal-inspired lights, even a few lamps lined up along the pathways are bound to delight your guests! If your wedding is indoors, though, choose bright lights that make your photographer’s job a lot simpler.

Floral Decor

From your garlands to your mantap decoration, flowers are everywhere. But go in for something more than a bundle of just jasmines and roses. There are several blooms that can bring out the beauty of an Indian wedding – marigolds and gerbera daises, especially. If your wedding is a more elegant event, hydrangeas and orchids work wonders!

Too often, it’s these little things that make a wedding special and extraordinary. And too often, it’s these little things that go amiss. Wedding décor set the tone and feel of the entire event, and even if the elements are a little off, the atmosphere might get dulled down or a little too jazzy. At Taarini, our policy is always “Ambience in advance”, to give you every bit of magic your wedding needs. Keep our tips in mind if ever you’re planning to design your wedding in a unique way!


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