5 Ways to Transform Your Mehendi Ceremony

Ever since Pinterest, DIY has stormed into weddings with an unprecedented success. Before a DIY wedding, who would’ve thought that centrepieces could look so beautiful and cost close to nothng? It’s not just weddings – even bachelorette parties and sangeet have turned into DIY affairs, with everything to show for it including bright hues, stunning paper craft and delicate décor.

For an important function like the mehendi ceremony, you’ll need to bring your DIY A-Game to the fore. But worry not, because Taarini shows you six ways to transform your mehendi ceremony!

Cut the chai, cut out the rest

Cutting chai glasses come in delightful colours and patterns these days. From bright pinks and oranges, to summery florals and gradients, you’re spoilt for choice! These glasses make for great décor at an informal gathering. Your mehendi ceremony is a light, fun event with family members relaxing in each other’s presence for the first time. So, make sure your décor adds to the merriment too!



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Cushy comfort


If your mehendi ceremony is at home, as it is more or less done across India, your couch needs a little sprucing up. Whether it is a cane sofa or a soft faux leather couch, you’re bound to have cushions. Bring home some attractive cushion covers to bring your surroundings to life. Think Aztec prints and ethnic designs. Think multi-colour happiness. All in all, think festive!

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Live it up with lanterns



Do away with fairy lights for a change. They’re pretty, absolutely, but do you know what’s prettier? Lanterns. Handcrafted, paper lanterns. They’re astonishingly easy to make, and they take close to no time at all! What’s more, they’re a real treat for the eyes. You can pick up video tutorials anywhere, but hey, if you want them done in double-quick time, Taarini is always here to help you out!


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Under your umbrella


Appliqued umbrellas are one of Jaipur’s finest gifts to wedding ceremonies. Honestly, they sparkle with the kind of energy only Jaipur possesses. These umbrellas, when hung from the ceiling, along with small paper lanterns or pinwheels, look like a million bucks. They’ll go great with mehendi ceremonies, especially if your theme is all-Indian.


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Thank us for the thalis


Why look outside for craft when you can bring it out from within you? Handcrafted and hand-painted thalis for placing gifts and cards at your mehendi ceremony. Push aside those pastels and welcome the truly Indian hues – we’re talking reds and golds, greens and orange. These are regal, festive and celebratory. And what is a mehendi ceremony if not one grand celebration of all the good things yet to come!

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So get ready to keep calm and henna on, ladies. It’s your evening, so make it as special as you want it to be. Almost everything can be put together with a bit of fun, patience and those precious minutes you can steal away from saree shopping or just admiring your little gold and diamond trinkets!



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