6 Things Every Bride Should Have On Wedding Day

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It is not for nothing that the word ‘Bridezilla’ became common parlance in the world of matrimony. With so much going on nearly every day, starting with the engagement and ending only when the final plate has been cleared at the Reception dinner, it is a wonder that a bride manages to flash her 100-watt smile every time the photographer says, ‘One more for the camera!’

Every bride needs a survival kit. Before and after the wedding, but mostly during. Don’t be puzzled. With a wedding, there’s always so much happening at once, that something is bound to slip up. Too often, makeup emergencies arise, or the bride’s outfit or saree meets a snag. It’s on these occasions that bridal essentials, however small, come in handy. So here is a succinct round-up of 6 things that ever bride should keep around on her wedding day.

Your makeup artist could do the most fabulous job, but let’s face it – weddings go on late into the evening. Through countless “Thank You”s and “I’m so glad you made it”s, your lips are bound to fade. A small touch-up every now and then will keep you looking just as perfect as you do at night, as you did in the morning!

Safety pins:
Something we never underestimate at Taarini Weddings is the handiness of a safety pin. We’ve seen its need arise countless times ourselves, and it’s always at the eleventh hour! There is always a time when the bride feels the need to adjust her saree or her lehenga. It’s inevitable. So be sure to pack in a lot of safety pins in a variety of sizes because you may never know when you’ll need them.

Keeping a bottle of perfume in your kit is perfect for a day-long wedding, when you’re constantly changing outfits. A little spritz of perfume will keep you smelling and feeling fresh through your special day.

Pocket mirror:
Brides, a pocket mirror is your best friend on your wedding day. For all those last-minute check-ups and adjustments, pocket mirrors will guide you like nothing else.

It’s going to be an emotional ride, and you never know when the waterworks are going to start. But you be sure that your best face is presented to the world on the most important day of your life. Pack in a few tissues in your little kit – dab away at that mascara and stay the ever beautiful bride!


It’s going to be a long day. If you have a morning wedding and an evening reception, keeping a tiny packet of snacks around can get you through the day.

So there you have it! We’ve covered all the essentials in case the bride is in sudden need on the biggest day of her life. Do you think she needs anything else? Let us know in your comments, please!



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