How to Throw a Great Bachelorette Party

The big day is around the corner. The bride is getting steadily edgier as the list of things to do is getting longer, and the time in which to do them is winding down. So, as one of her gal pals, what do you do? You throw a good old bachelorette party!

Now, we know what you’re thinking. A bachelorette party? With the overly obvious decor? There’s no set of rules carved in stone; you can go as mellow or as mad as you want when you’re throwing a fun bachelorette party. Here’s how you can make it memorable!

First, get your playlist ready. Keep those songs upbeat, tracks that will keep everyone bobbing on the balls of their feet all night, numbers that will raise the roof. We’re talking plenty of ‘Dilliwali Girlfriend’ and ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’. Throw in some of the old classics from the 90s. We hear anything by Katy Perry is party-perfect, so bring her along on your playlist!

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Got your groove on? Great. Let’s talk about the food. This is a bachelorette party. So, it’s your job to convince the bride to abandon her bridal fitness regimen for a night. Bring home as much junk food as your tastebuds crave. Burgers, fries, pizza, samosas, chips… the works. Don’t forget dessert. You’ll need something to smear the bride-to-be’s face with, after all. Drinks definitely need to be a part of the menu, so fill up those pitchers with margaritas and mojitos, and a few mocktails for those abstaining, too!


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It’s time to add that ‘fun’ element we mentioned earlier. So, bring out your playing hats, ladies, and get your game face on. Drinking games are a bachelorette party-favourite. ‘Drink if you have a tattoo’, ‘Drink if you have a secret piercing’ or ‘Drink if you’re up for a great evening’: sounds like something a great girls’ night in (or out!) would include, doesn’t it? Get working on those cheeky questions! Everything’s better with a secret and a drink.

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You got your music, you got your eats, you got your games, but without the ambience it’s just any other party. But we’ve got you covered; here are a few DIY decor tips to brighten up the place. Three things are an absolute must: balloons, giveaways and streamers.


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Finally, you’ve made it to the end of your party, and you can’t really feel your feet anymore. The room’s spinning and your ears are ringing from the sound of laughter and music. So, you’ll need a survival kit to make it to the wedding. A box of little comfort will ideally contain a box of chocolates, a bag of caffeine, hand sanitizer and mints. Give these to your girlfriends because, trust us, they’ll need it in the morning after.


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So, there you go! You’re all set to throw a raving bachelorette party to give your best friend a thumping good send off to the married world! Tell us how it goes in the comments below. Spare us none of the juicy details!




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