A Perfect Pastel Wedding

Most Indian weddings are about gold, glamour and grandeur. This means gold. Lots of it. If you’re someone having a wedding north of the Vindhyas, then maybe a few diamonds will make the cut as well. But the younger generation is unafraid of experimenting. They like a bit of mellow-drama, and cutting down on the melodrama. So, pastels are making an entrance into Indian weddings in a way that they haven’t before. 


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Earlier, pastels used to be a sign of affluence, of the elite. Today, they’re being embraced by the laymen as well. And we couldn’t be more delighted, for there is a certain elegance in pastels that the other weddings lack. So, if you’re looking forward to pulling off your own perfect pastel wedding, here’s how!

First things first. You have a wedding invite to send out. Make that a hundred wedding invites to send out. If you’re sticking to a pastel theme, make sure you adopt uniformity. There’s no room for “Let’s send the friends a different invite” and “Oh, but elderly relatives will need a traditional one”. Start your own tradition with a dash of uniformity. 


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Now, you can choose from a range of colours for your invite – from pink to peach, from lilac to leaf green, they’re all available in pastel. You just have to find the one that makes you say, “Yes, we can’t see our names printed on anything else!” 

Next, you’ll need to think about flowers and centerpieces. Go with pink. They have a certain wedding vibe that’s unparalleled by flowers of other shades. Orange has no role in a pastel wedding. Red looks great at a white wedding, but maybe dispense with it on this occasion. 


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Mounted on delicate glass bowls or antique silver or bronze vases, these pastel flowers will add a hint of glamour to your solemn wedding. 

Now that you’ve got your wedding invite and décor in place, you’ll need to start picking your cake. While a pretty strawberry and the traditional three-tier vanilla are something you’ve always wanted as a child are here to stay, might we suggest something a little more unique? How about a pastel blue cake, much like one that will put you in mind of Cinderella’s ethereal gown? Now that’s something princess-like, perfect for a wedding! 


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Things are getting more and more exciting, and soon it’s time to pick out your outfit! While most brides are under the impression that a wedding lehenga ought to be bright red or royal blue studded with kundan stones and lavish embroidery, a pastel wedding calls for something much more matte. 


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You see, not everything bridal has to cream gold. It can be soft, elegant and absolutely regal at the same time! A bit of peach, a tinge of matte gold and you’re every bit the goddess you’re meant to be. 

Grooms have it easy as well. That men may not pull off pink is a myth. These days, lavenders, pale pink and bronze shades are all the rage for grooms.  So, pay no heed to naysayers, and let your man shine in pastel pink if he so wishes! 


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Finally, it is time to decide how your venue is going to house your splendid pastel event. Go for a setting that’s pristine yet pale in hue. We do not intend for it to seem dull. But, make sure that beads and heavy sparkle is not part of the hall. This will take away from that much-coveted pastel effect. 



With fairy lights and flowers, a pastel affair can come off as grand indeed. What’s more, when paired with antique furniture or something out of yesteryear, even, a simple event will turn into a themed extravaganza. 

So, there you have it, folks! That’s how you package and present a pastel wedding. Stray away from the “been there, done that” to today’s talk of the town. Have some fun while you’re at it. After all, this is your wedding day and it calls from something special! 

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