Beautiful Backdrops for a White Wedding

White weddings remind many of a winter wonderland, and with good reason. Between the white gowns and white roses, there’s little or nothing that strikes the imagination! But what if we told you that you can spruce it up? There’s a plethora of themes that will add a bit of interest to your white wedding, to make it look less like a traditional church wedding, and more of a tasteful carnival.

Here are a few backdrops that go great with a white wedding!

Candles galore

Do away with those silver lamps. Candles are here to stay! They are refreshingly original, they look spectacular, and they add to a certain romantic allure that most white weddings innately possess. Paired with the right amount of beige and green, you can set the stage for a staggeringly pretty wedding that photographers will absolutely love!

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Old ‘n’ New

Bring on the contemporary flourish with a throwback to the classic white, with a white wedding that gives everyone a view of the metropolis. Go bold, go geometry with your backdrop. Get wooded shelves that are both eclectic and aesthetically pleasing, and adorn them with flowers that stretch your imagination beyond roses and lilies!

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A glint of rubies

Then again, maybe your personality demands a classy setting. Something borrowed from fairy tales of childhood, that put you in mind of gardens and meadows, of red woods and bliss. So how about a beautiful rosy setting to starkly stand out against white? Think petals strewn across the flooring, roses embellishing the aisle and demure lights twinkling behind you as you vow to commit to a forever.

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Rustic revelry

One thing woefully disregarded at weddings are the outdoors. We’re not talking about open lawns and gardens – no, we’ve seen loads of those at Indian weddings. We’re talking about being surrounded by nature. How grand it would be to stand beneath a canopy, with sunshine dancing through the trees and birds chirping mellifluously as you tie the knot? If you can’t find the perfect woods for your nuptials, you can always recreate it with the right amount of green and bliss!

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Holy simplicity

So what if you’ve opted for a budget wedding? That doesn’t mean you have to opt out of beauty too! All you need are fresh white drapes and curtain holders and you’re good to go! Watch that backdrop bring the surroundings to life with its simplicity and set the tone for a solemn occasion. With five or six vases brimming with fresh flowers adding a sprinkling of colour to the stage, your wedding is all set to keep cameras flashing!

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White weddings don’t have be all white. The days of uniform monotone are long past. So go crazy with your flowers and your centrepieces! Take inspiration from these ideas and who knows, maybe you’ll have a sixth one to add to this list.


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