Bridal Hairstyles Inspired by Game of Thrones

Game of thrones bridal hairstyle

It looks like we’re going to have to wait for a long, long time before Game of Thrones hits our screens again with the force of a hundred Dothraki armies. But why let that stop us from continuing to celebrate one of the world’s arguably biggest shows yet? Brides, let down your hair and get ready to celebrate Westeros style with glamor taking centre stage!

Presenting stunningly beautiful bridal hairstyles inspired by Game of Thrones:

Do it like Daenerys

Daenerys Wedding hairstyle

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Everyone wants a piece of the great, not to mention stunning, Khaleesi. Her luscious locks are admired by cosplay artists, everyday bloggers and even college students who love the spotlight. So, why must brides shy away? This is your day to shine. So, do it in pure Game of Thrones style with an elaborately wavy hairdo inspired by the Targaryen House!

Locks of a Lannister

Lannister wedding hairstyle

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Let’s face it: nobody does grandeur quite like the Lannister. When she had long, flowing hair, Cersei Lannister was the most definitely the contender for the Glam Throne. With braids and loose hair ending in curls, her hairstyles were intricate and elaborate, not to mention regal to the last strand. So, it makes it only fitting that a bride adopts her stunning hairstyle for her wedding day.

Tresses like the Tyrells

Tyrell wedding hairtsyle

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Granted, Margaery Tyrell may have bid goodbye to the show a while ago, but that’s not to say her legendary long hair remains buried. The damsel sported stunning hair-dos in her lifetime, and you can easily emulate her highness’ styles.

Tyrell wedding hairtsyle 1

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All you need is a curler and a few precious minutes with bobby pin that promise to stay out of view all evening! You can wear your hair in a closely curled weave or an elaborately held twist that bounces with volume.

Manes like Melisandre

Melisandre wedding hairstyle

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The Red Woman is everything a bride aspires to be on her wedding day: fierce, stunning and not one to be trifled with. What better way to feel every bit as breathtaking as Melisandre than copy her hairstyle? It requires the least fuss to look drop dead gorgeous. An elegant knot that is twisted at the top leading to a cascading waterfall of straight hair is all the camera needs to work itself overtime!

Go ahead, be the Westerosi queen you were meant to be. Although the Stark girls – Arya and Sansa – boast hairstyles that suit their own fancy and are certainly attractive in their own way, nothing screams, ‘I do’ quite like the four ladies who were bestowed with the Taarini spotlight. You can also feel like a bride yourself on any given day with these DIY hairstyles. What are you waiting for? Get prepping!


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