7 Taarini moments to make you believe in love

There are moments of magic in every wedding. It could be when the groom escorts his bride to the dance floor, not once taking his eyes off her, a smile tugging at his lips. It could be the auspicious moment when the groom slides a ring onto his bride’s toe, promising to cherish her for a lifetime. Or it could yet be a flash of a second during which the bride steals a glance at her new husband, her eyes full of unbridled love and affection.

It is these moments that we live for because they tug at our heartstrings like few other. Here are 7 precious Taarini moments to make you believe, like we do, in love:

Love sees no language

Photo Credits: Flock Studio


It speaks volumes when the man you love tells you he loves you in the language of your ancestors!

The soft glow of wedded bliss

Photo Credits: Siddharth Sharma

What is love if not an unspoken promise to feel safe in the arms of another?

You just need someone to sweep you off your feet!

Photo Credits: Nikhil Shastri Photography


Sometimes, grand gestures are wholly appreciated. They fill up our heart with warm and fuzzy feelings it sometimes craves! And it doesn’t hurt to be a little filmy now, does it?

When you feel like the world around you doesn’t exist


Blessed are those who feel complete in each other’s company because to them, nothing else seems to matter.

To adore and be adored in return

It is hard to miss the magic in this particular moment. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but this here just speaks one: love.

A moment of certainty

Photo Credits: Cusp Concepts

That feeling of pure joy, when you’re surrounded by a whole world of people but your eyes only seek one.

All’s well that ends well

Photo Credits: Vinay Venugopal


You can fight the good fight with all your might, especially if your love is worth fighting for. If it’s right, it’ll last a lifetime. Like with this couple, some things are a little too pure to keep you from smiling.




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