Finger Foods That Your Wedding Guests Will Love

The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is a popular belief. But in India, it is the proven way to practically anyone’s heart, particularly if they happen to be guests at your wedding. If we’re being honest, Indian weddings are a haven for two types of people: Fashionistas and Foodies. So, if the food at your wedding is a hit, that’s more than half a crowd mightily impressed!

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At Taarini, we believe that no matter what the size of your wedding is, it deserves the best food it can get. After all, matches are made in heaven and must therefore throw a feast for the gods. What makes guests drool and reach for the platters? Not soups, not salads, but finger foods. Here’s where budget weddings can teach you a thing or two! Take a look at finger foods that you can never turn down:

Corn Pops

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Vegetarians, assemble! These delightful little corn lollipops will have you make a beeline for the dinner table. It is perfect to pop into your mouth after a bit of dancing with the happy couple. What’s more, it adds spice to the evening. Now, who doesn’t like a bit of zesty flavour at an Indian wedding!

Cupped Chaat

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Is it even a wedding if there is not a glimpse of chaat? Of course not! Now, most people believe that eating chaat at a wedding is a near impossible task, because the water tends to roll down onto your fancy saree, or the plates or too small. So, here’s how you make the most of cups. Simply make the dahipapdichaat a finger food a dish that your guests can gulp in a go! As a bonus, they look more photogenic than most other foods.

Idli shots, anyone?

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Wedding food is all about adding a twist to the ordinary to make them extraordinary. Even something as everyday and simple such as the idli can be turned into something astonishingly fun! So, surprise your guests with a shot of chutney and an idli kebab mouth-wateringly sautéed with herbs and spices, and watch them go gaga over your wonderful wedding menu!

Don’t chicken out, yet!

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If you’re serving up some delectable, finger licking worth chicken at your wedding reception, you might want to consider boneless buffalo chicken. Skewered and served with a blue cheese dip and garnished with celery, it’ll have your guests coming back for seconds. Watch your wedding day become an instant hit with these little cups of joy.

Biryani binge!

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Save the best for last. After the chaat and the idlis and what are mere pawns in a larger game of food, in comes the king – biryani. It is, hands down, one of the most celebrated Indian foods. So, give it the fun twist it has been waiting for! Biryani topped with paneer kheema and khakra served up in little glasses? They’ll be talking about this for months!


Strike a balance between your main menu and your finger foods. That way, your budget wedding is right on track. Finger foods are a crowd pleaser; they fill up your guests as they chat and idle about while they wait for dinner to roll out. So, make sure you pick the right ones for your friends and family on your own special day.




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