Gone are the days when all a groom needed on his wedding day was a dhoti and a shirt, or a sherwani. There’s a new world order, a paradigm shift. The fashion world has transformed the way grooms dress on their big day and keep those cameras pointed at them as well. From jazzed up velvet’s to surprisingly stunning layers, men are conquering that wedding stage and how!

So, brides, step aside, while we show your men the five trends that grooms are flaunting on their big day.

The Blushing Bridegroom

Pastel pinks are not just a girl thing. That kind of fashion ideology belongs in the back of your closet, along with those medieval tan-shaded salwars! Today, a soft blush is just the ticket. It is soft, simple and sophisticated, with just enough flavour to make you an absolute eye-popper. Paired with a light grey bandhgala and dhoti pants, you will ensure that everyone makes room for the groom.

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Long Time No Layers

They’re bringing layers back into men’s fashion and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We’ve noticed that they’re a crowd (and camera) favourite at Indian weddings. Layers are the best way to enhance an outfit, and if the occasion is, well, your wedding, we’d say enhance as much as possible! Open sherwanis are the word of the day, men, so get ready to love your layers.


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Velvet Vows

While you’re making eternal promises to your bride, make sure you vow to wow her as well. There’s no better way to do it than in regal velvet. It’s got a certain charm and elegance, especially if worn in ivory and maroon. A tinge of gold to bring your royal magnificence will go a long way as well. The only thing you’ll need to carry off this look is a wedding glow, and if you’re the groom, that’s the battle won already!

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Back in Black

OK, we’re going to give you a pre-wedding or post-wedding tip: black out. Black velvet. Self-designed black. Rose-patterned black. It doesn’t matter. That bandhgala needs to be black. From a cocktail party to a bachelor’s bash, black is in, gentlemen.

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Timeless Tradition

At the end of the day, simplicity steals the show. Always. Amidst all the glitz and glam, it might be refreshing, even delightful, to see a groom in a crisp sherwani with minimal embellishments. A pale gold or bronze sherwani works wonders with joothis to boot. But do not go too plain. You are the groom, after all, and those cameras need something happy and shiny to capture!

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Men, take it from a team that has seen more than its share of weddings – a well-dressed groom is a universal favourite. Everyone expects the bride to glow, so when you do – in your preferred outfit – it’s going to come as a delightful surprise. So, be sure to don something remarkable and steal a bit of the bride’s thunder.


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