Get the Look: Regal Wardrobes for the Blushing Bride

A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Actually, make that a little bit of this, a touch of that, a lot of this, and lot more of everything else. That’s what it takes to create a bride’s wedding day outfit. When it comes to perfecting a bridal wardrobe, it’s got to be fashion first. Frugality has no room in a bridal cupboard, even in a budget wedding, because when it comes down to it, a bride is the woman of the hour, the day and the evening.

All the cameras are going to bore down on her, memories are going to be filled with her presence. So, to keep all eyes on the bride, here’s what we think the blushing lady needs to gather up for her special day!

Look 1: Golden Grace

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Attire:As a bride, your outfit has to be regal, yet elegant. There are no two colours better suited to fulfil this purpose than white and gold. With threads of gold white woven into a lehenga of ivory white, your outfit is bound to ooze Indian tradition on a night that is meant for you to shine.

Adornments: To accentuate the gorgeous white-and-gold outfit, we recommend a set of kundan earrings and necklace. While pure gold is peerless in its sheen, a set of imitation jewellery can save you money while still making sure you’re the belle of the ball. What’s more, kundan stones set intricately in magnificent golden-coloured jewellery will complement your ivory-and-gold lehenga. Paired with a pair of bold gold bangles that keep your wrists adorned, you’re almost there!

Happy feet: The final touch comes with a pair of glittering golden slippers. Now, we strongly suggest you stray away from high heels on your wedding day. Between the hours of standing and greeting guests, and a night of dancing and revelry, your poor feet are bound to weep! So, a graceful pair of studded golden slip-ons will do perfectly.

Look 2: Scintillating Scarlet

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Attire:The colour of fiery passion is one that every bride desires on the day of her wedding. Presenting a scarlet look-book that will make sure you look every bit the princess on your wedding day. Ornate velvet lehengas in a deep shade of red, with intricate patterns woven across their twirling length are something of a dream. They go great with the atmosphere inside a bustling wedding hall and definitely give you a Goddess-like glow. What’s not to like!

Adornments: Gold, peppered with stones of red and white for the special lady? Absolutely! As a bride, you can’t get enough of it. Solid gold bangles are your best friend when you’re in that gorgeous red lehenga. Don’t forget your matching danglers, because they’re bound to inspire envy in your friends and family.

Happy feet:Cinderella wasn’t ready for the ball without her shoes. And neither is any bride. With just enough heels to prop you up ever so slightly, yet keep your feet comfy as they traverse the dance floor, slippers bedecked with small stones on thins traps go great with a heavy lehenga. Go on and dazzle on your wedding day!


There is a whole world of beauty out there waiting for a bride to embrace. The colours, the embroidery, the minimalism, the whimsical trends… the things one can do with hues and drapes is astonishing. Stick around for more of these magical look-books as we bring you more from the world of wedding fashion!



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