How to Sweeten Up Your Engagement


Whimsical, classy, quirky, urban, retro, sophisticated – which of these routes are you looking at for that engagement party you have in mind? Or maybe you’re considering going a whole new way altogether. There are over a hundred different themes to choose from today. From DIY décor to a floral extravaganza, we’ve seen it and done it all.

At Taarini, we enjoy a good party as much as the next bride and groom. There’s nothing we love more than doing what we do! So, believe us when we tell you the best ways to sweeten up your engagement are just one phone call or email away.

Before you do that, though, here are a few ideas we have in mind. So, you can consider their merit and pick up the phone!


Elegance Redefined

If you’re thinking of a formal gathering with friend and the now extended family, there’s nothing better than an elegant engagement. Allow your guests to pause and smell the roses, and appreciate the scent of nature pervading the venue. The soothing colour of pale pink rose blossoms is sure to create a romantic atmosphere.

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The Great Outdoors

Step into a garden of love to announce your engagement. Nothing adds to jollity like sunshine pouring in on wide, open spaces. If you’re planning on a DIY wedding, start with a DIY engagement – make your own cake, lanterns and streamers to add a personal touch to everything around you. Revel in your happiness with a few slices of cake, some champagne and show off the bling on that ring!


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Made in Morocco

Before you wonder what could possibly be captivating about a lesser-known theme such as the Moroccan one, you might want to get into a more colourful headspace. Think plush green lawns set up with scrubbed wooden tables; mystical lamps placed in every corner; lanterns hanging from pink and orange streamers; an ocean of colour that seems unlikely to fade. Seems delightfully different, doesn’t it? Don’t wait, just go for it.


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Bonfire Night


There’s something undeniably enchanting about a spark at night time. Call your guests over for a bonfire night, and let them see sparks fly between you and your beloved as you announce your engagement. Light up those fairy lights b the lawn chairs, light up a warm fire, and light up your future as you step into it with your loved one on your arm. Add a bit of singing, a bit of dancing, and you’ve got yourself an engagement night you’ll never forget.

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Deep down, we’re all romantics at heart. We crave the beauty and celebration that comes from being able to tell the world that we’ve found the one person we’ve been looking for. So, when this moment comes, why lay low when you can shout it from the rooftops? We’ve shown you a fair few ways to do that. Got more? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!


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