Style Check: What Grooms Are Wearing On Their Special Day

It has become something of a myth that a wedding is just about the bride. Grooms all across the country are so actively involved in shopping and picking out centerpieces and music! Between having to ferry around relatives to buy the perfect sherwani and stopping by at the salon to get one’s face taken care of, grooms are busy, busy, busy.



So, it can come as no surprise that the groom’s wardrobe has become something of a talking point during weddings. Red or gold? Dhoti or kurta-pajama? Every question becomes a burning one!

At Taarini, we have seen a quite a few remarkable wardrobes that the grooms have lit up the dais with. Let’s take a look at the top trends for grooms on their very special day.


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The classic cream

An off white sherwani with delicate embroidery is every groom’s favourite these days. With a maroon or brown dupatta, the ensemble gives off the perfect regal tone and look.


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Dapper in dark

In stark contrast to the classic creams and off-whites, dark blue sherwanis coupled with mustard and earthy shades such as orange and green are all the rage with grooms and the ‘dulhe ke dosts’. Add to this ensemble a pair of pristine jootis, and you’ve got yourself a man all set to light up the stage!


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Perfect in Pink

Whoever said that men can’t pull off pink were sorely mistaken! Grooms are loving the shade and are unafraid to flaunt it on their big day. And why not? With pastel weddings catching on, this trend is here to stay.


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A Floral Spin

Florals for the win? Men certainly think so! This is an interesting trend that’s spreading like wildfire amongst grooms. While embroidery does hold a certain charm, the younger of grooms seem to prefer experimenting with florals. Whether its pastels or bright neon shades, flowers have made their mark this season.


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The King in Black

Nothing will ever overshadow the black sherwani. It has stood the test of time, repeatedly proving that its elegance and grace is unparalleled at weddings. Paired with black jootis and matte gold or even silver embroidery, blacks are still a reigning trend among grooms of all ages.

So, gentlemen, take heed. If you’re out shopping for that dream day, you may want to pause and think about what’s making runways heat up this season. Pick a floral, pick a paisley, but do make sure that it’s all over fashion magazines if you want that spotlight on you. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and take your fashion quotient up a notch!


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