Trend Alert: Let Your Hair Down, Ladies!

Calling all brides, calling all bridesmaids. Bring along your friends and family too, because every lovely lady preparing for a wedding needs to pay close attention to the latest hairdo trends that are sending social media into a frenzy!
Lately, we’re seeing fewer and fewer updo’s. Brides are unafraid to let their hair down and paint the town red on the wedding day. Some of the women gracing the august occasion are opting for a loose hairdo, as well. So why hold back? Join the party of the luscious locks with these dazzling hairstyles that show off your hair in all its splendour.



Rapunzel of South India

You simply cannot argue the point that this is something of a floral dream. The bride, adorned in silken drapes, lets her hair flow down gracefully in a braid bedecked with fresh blossoms like jasmines and roses, with speckles of beads. While few brides can pride themselves on possessing hair that reaches their knees, most others make do with extensions deftly put together by a beauty artist. Either way, the result is a burst of magnificence.


Weding plnner


The White Wedding Look

His is how you can ooze elegance at a Christian wedding. Minimalism is key to bring out your graceful side. So, get your hair set in the softest curls the eye can behold. You could opt for a headpiece that glints in your hair, and these could be anything from a tiara to flowers to small hairclips with just enough sparkle. Then again, you can leave your locks to do the talking, and leave.them be. But remember, it’s elegance all the way, so be sure not to overdo it with the embellishments!



A ‘Braid’al Statement 

Don’t shy away from braids. Who said letting down your hair could only mean in one way? Braids have made a startling comeback in avatars never imagined before! From the Dutch Braid to the French, from the Fishtail Braid to the Four Strand, braids have become a wedding day special. What’s amazing about braids is that they allow for a lot of decoration. There’s no limit to what can bedazzle your hair – you can punctuate each layer of your braid with pearls, beads, flowers, kundan stones, hairclips and bands. Even left quite alone, this hairstyle will ever let you down. So, doesn’t matter if you’re the bride or her maid or her guest; be prepared for the spotlight!



Curls of Colour

Nothing says ‘bridal’ better than a little bit of burgundy in your hair. Or red. Or brown. Or mahogany. Oops, looks like you’re spoilt for choice! But hey, when you’re the bride, you can never have too many choices. But let’s make things a little easier. If you’re getting your hair coloured, pick a shade that is bound to complement any shade of outfit. Browns go with most Indian colours like green, pink, orange and red. Now that we’ve sorted that out, let’s get to Step Two: curls. There’s no restriction. Go all out and curl them up real nice, and let them cascade down your back like a shimmering waterfall. Don’t forget to adorn them with flowers or kundan stones to accentuate their beauty!



So, ladies, let your crowning glory bask in the spotlight it’s bound to get. Let your hair down on your (or someone’s) special day to make it even lovelier than it is expected it to be. With hairstyles like these, the camera is bound to find you over and over again. You’ve been warned!

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