Make an Impression at Your Wedding Party

Planning the flawless wedding party that  you and your guests will love takes tons of  effort. While you can carefully craft the  tastiest menu and painstakingly pick the  perfect playlist, making sure your party is an  unforgettable lash requires activities beyond  eating, drinking, and dancing. Here’s how  you can establish a great impression at your  wedding party.


Add to it with Pa Hotobooth

Photographs are a huge part of any wedding  day, especially for your guests, so there’s no  better way to help your nearest and dearest  celebrate your nuptials than with a photo booth.



Goodbye with Favors

What’s not to love about weddings from a guest  perspective!? Dancing, great food, open bars,  being surrounded by loved ones…the list could  go on. But wedding party favors really seal the  deal when it comes to leaving a memorable  impression on your guests.



Special care with Door Tags

Make your winter wedding a little cosy for the  guests. Create cool door tags for guests who are  travelling and stay overnight to add a special  touch of care and warmth.



Don’t forget the Kids 

On the off chance that you’re inviting little guests  to your wedding, it’s a smart thought to think  about a few ideas to keep them engaged at  the party. We love the idea of seating all the  kiddos at one table — they’ll have a blast  playing with the other children and it’ll give their  parents a much-needed break, too.



Food is Memories

Good food makes for a great celebration, but  offering dishes that everyone can customize to  their liking is even better. Interactive food  stations where guests can create their own ideal  bites will leave you with well-fed pals ready to  have a good friend.



Jazz up With Games

Not only is a wedding party a chance to  celebrate your new marriage, but it’s also a

prime opportunity to let loose with those you  love. Fun wedding games of all kinds energize  the evening, adding a childlike playfulness to the  events be it an outdoor ceremony or indoor  wedding party.



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