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Sometimes, it’s just easy buying for newly-weds. They’re in need of some many things to start their journey together, that there’s a world of gifts which will most certainly come in handy. Take your handsome cuckoo clocks, for instance. They used to be all the rage in yesteryear, because they doubled as a show piece while remaining an object of use. Or an intricately carved porcelain vase. They look lovely at the entrance to a new home.

But these gifts have become rather run-of-the-mill, and extremely ‘been there, done that!’. So, why not go in for something personal, something everyday, yet unexpected at a wedding? Presenting the first four of eight special wedding gifts for the bride and groom.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

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Nothing tells the couple that you’re thinking of both of them like ‘Him & Her’ watches. Now, the market’s flooded with matching timepieces, but you don’t have to trod the beaten path. Spend some time on the gift. Put a bit of effort into picking up something he’d like, and another something she’d like. After all, marriage is the coming together of two different people. Watches can be anything you want, too. Classy, bold, beautiful, sporty… anything the bride and groom are, you can find something to their liking. So, go ahead and wrap up a pair of timeless pieces.


Around the world

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Shopping for a couple of to-be-wed travellers? Well, we’ve got the perfect suggestion! Chances are, when two globe trotters decide to tie the knot, their travelling is only bound to increase, thanks to the pleasure of welcome company. So, an easy-to-assemble tent is a perfect gift for them. It shows them what a thoughtful person you can be. These tents are easily available online, so you can pick them up anytime!

Shutter up

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Everyone’s a shutterbug these days, because it is the reign of Facebook and Instagram. Newly-weds spend a ton of time together, be it for a honeymoon, or just a night out together. So why not help them create instant memories of all those times they cherish as a couple? Instant film cameras are making a loud comeback, so it’s a great gift for a couple-to-be. Allow us to make life easy for you. Here you go!

Party animals

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So, you’re looking for a wedding gift for two wild party animals? Fear not, because that’s what a nice, quirky set of shot glasses are for! You can play it safe and go in for a nice set of transparent glasses, but where’s the fun in that? Especially when there’s so much whimsy and colour to choose from! Knock yourself out with cartoons and sci-fi favourites, or desi and tongue-in-cheek pieces.

There’s a whole lot more where these came from. So, stick around, and we’ll be back with more eclectic wedding gift ideas for the blushing bride and her handsome hubby-to-be. From groom-specific to bridal essentials, there’s a lot to choose from when it comes to wrapping up your present for the special someones tying the knot!





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