Wedding Gifts for Him and Her – II

We’re back (as promised) with a list of more wedding gifts that you can surprise the soon-to-be newly-weds with! Last time, we compiled these four items that are bound to elicit a gasp of delight from the couple. This time we present a few more that will make you even more endearing to them than the rest.

Here are a set of very unique wedding gifts for him and her!

Old wine in a new case

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The best thing about wine is that it gets better with age. Remind your friends or family that, much like this elixir, they are all set to grow better together as time passes by. Gift them a lovely, custom-made wedding wine box perfect to store champagne or even mocktails, to be opened on their special occasions such as their engagement day or 1st year anniversary.

Romance in a frame

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Nothing tells someone you cherish and appreciate them than a thoughtful gift that is not necessarily available online. Here’s your chance to give your present to the couple a very personal touch. Gather us everything you know about their union: their wedding invitation, lyrics to their favourite song printed out, a simple yet beautiful illustration of the pair of them. Bring these little elements together and present it to them in a framed poster that can serve to remind them of how lucky they are to have found each other!

The best part about giving a personal touch, is to get as friendly as you can. If the couple is into travelling, choose a travel theme. If they’re quirky, this is your chance to go all out on colour and fun!

Cushions for comfort

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Couples love when compliments come flying their way, telling them, assuring them, that they are meant for each other. So, do just that with your simple yet one-of-a-kind gifts! They’re fun, they’re useful and they’re bound to set you apart from the mundane. You can do the yourself too, if you’re up for it. If you’re close to the couple, and are privy to one or more of their quirks, paint those cushion covers up real nice.

Getaway gift

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If you’re familiar with the bride and groom, and you just happen to know that they are workaholics who cannot be prised away from their office longer than it takes to get married, you’ve got a job on your hands. Luckily, we’re making that job a lot easier! Gift the couple a weekend getaway. Somewhere far, far away from their office, but so wonderful that they will soon forget about the work they just clamour to get done. In the absence of a planned honeymoon, your gift will act as the perfect way to say, ‘Have fun you two!’

Times… they are changing. But we’ll help you keep up with them, for gone are the days when a lamp or a vase could make a couple feel appreciated and loved. Get creative with gifting ideas, and maybe someday, when it’s your turn to receive a gift or two or three, you’ll see all that wonder and quirk coming your way too!


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