This Photographer Captured Moments Totally Worth Double-Tapping

In every wedding, there are special moments that trigger a range of emotions. These moments signal a sense of beginning, or a feeling of unbridled longing, or even a sense of belonging somewhere with someone. These candid moments are captured by the photographer’s observant lens and plastered in your memory forever.

But, what about those rare moments of unabashed excitement? Those memories of tear-soaked handkerchiefs and reddened cheeks patted down with kisses from emotional grandmothers? It is seldom that we get to behold those moments on glossy photographs long after the wedding party has dispersed and your marriage truly begins.

Which is why we find photographer Ramkumar Ramachandran’s photographs truly mesmerising. In these pictures and lots more, he has managed to bring out the tenderness, ecstasy and sheer emotion that pervades a wedding that goes well beyond the bride and groom.


Daddy’s little girl, little no more

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How often are you reminded by a photograph, that you succumbed to tears in the arms of the man who raised you, like you did so many times before when you were a little child?

Fathers don’t always fight back their tears, do they?

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Sometimes, it’s not the little girl whose eyes redden. It’s father dearest who has to reach for the box of tissues.

You can’t fake bliss this pure!

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Arms outstretched in jubilance, for when it rains romance, it pours!

What are brothers for?

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You grow up fighting and squabbling, but when you need a shoulder to lean on, it’s almost always a sibling’s. Even on your wedding day.

There is something about mother-daughter relationships, though…

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A mother was a bride, too, remember? She gets it. She always will.

Sheer elation is an emotion, too!

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In the end, after all the happy tears have been exhausted, the day is only ever truly yours. It’s about you. It’s about your gleaming smiles soaking in the love and adulation!


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