Well Groomed – 5 Wedding Essentials for Every Groom

Let’s get ready to bust the biggest wedding myth there ever is: “Weddings are a Girl Thing!” Aren’t we forgetting something? Ah yes. The man who ties the knot! While we’re busy around the bride as she basks in limelight, the groom’s needs often go unnoticed, which is a pity, for he has quite a few!

Gentlemen, it’s your day, too. You’re expected to look and feel better than your best. So prepare to bite the bullet and man up for a pre-wedding regime, the likes of which you haven’t seen or experienced before!

Taarini presents the 5 wedding essentials for every groom:

Magical Manicure:

Your hands are going to do a lot of the work at a wedding, especially if it’s a traditional Indian wedding. Our rituals involve a lot of sprinkling, holding, grasping and folding. So, needless to say, your nails are going to catch the cameraman’s attention more often than not. The last thing you want is for a candid shot of, well, nails that look like they’ve had a rough day at the salt mines! So, men, it’s time to hit the salon for a well-timed manicure.

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Fabulous Facial:

The way we see it, this is a win-win. You look good and you enjoy the feel of it! Facial today, fantastic tomorrow. Nothing says “well-groomed” like a groom with skin as smooth as alabaster. Besides, the bride will appreciate it too, and on the wedding day, that’s a bit of a plus!

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Magnificent Massage:

Just take our word for it: massages work wonders. They’ll warm up your cold feet a day before the wedding, and calm those nerves. A jittery man does not a photogenic groom make, after all. Who says only the bride is entitled to a glow? Grooms, book yourself a spa session, because you’re going to need it.

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Wonder Workout:

Nobody said getting married was a walk in the park. (We make it look easy, but that’s besides that point!) It’s actually a walk on the treadmill. Think a little ahead for a moment. If you truly want to be Mr Handsome on your wedding day, a great way to do that is to hit the gym. Squat, lift, crunch, repeat. Getting in shape will also work wonders for your glow we talked about before!

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Happy Haircut:

Leave the experiments for another day. Your wedding is not the best time to see how you might look with a Mohawk. Or with green highlights. Spring for an upscale trim. The bride will love, the cameras will too. If you want, try it out a month before your wedding so you have time to see how it looks, grow it back and repeat it a week before your wedding day.

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So you see? The ‘getting ready’ part is one of the best and most fun aspects of getting married. (Apart from getting married itself!) Keep in mind that the groom deserves special treatment in the days leading up to the wedding, too. Beauty regimens are not for the ladies, after all!



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