Why You Should Leave Décor In Our Hands

There are weddings that take place on picture-perfect Sundays. On a beach overlooking rugged cliffs, with golden-pink skies providing all the embellishment the wedding planner will ever need.

But what about wedding parties that require a little bit of magic? A drape here, a centrepiece there, maybe a handmade bouquet to add a touch of DIY inspiration. We’re talking budget weddings, quirky boho sangeets and bachelorette parties. Occasions that practically make décor mandatory to add to the festivities!

At Taarini, we pride ourselves on the décor we put together and sometimes, handcrafted by our very own elves. Eager and enthusiastic, our happy helpers have created stunning pieces that have added colour and pizazz to weddings. Here are 6 reasons you should leave your wedding décor in our hands!

We love to make an entrance!

Photo Credits:Neeta Shankar Photography

Many a photoshoot happened at the entrance of this hall. And why not? The Rajasthani umbrellas ooze every colour in the spectrum. Coupled with a few origami artworks nudged into their midst, this décor made for a cheery, ethnic and rather unusual entrance. Talk about a grand entry!

We love the innate Indian quirks

Photo Credits:Neeta Shankar Photography

Let’s admit it. Deep down, we’re all likely to share a laugh or two over anything indisputably Indian. All that masala brings out a deep-rooted pride of sorts. And what’s more Indian than a brightly coloured, heavily decorated truck that bears all signs of a wedding party! After all, a bit of the bold and a lot of the beautiful never hurt anyone.

We fawn over cutesy centre pieces

Photo Credits:Neeta Shankar Photography

From pinwheels to floral arrangements, we have done them all, and have they been a blast putting together! Our favourite centre pieces are whimsical paper pinwheels sitting pretty in artsy kettles painted with a flourish.

Photo Credits:Neeta Shankar Photography

That’s not to say we don’t go gaga over something quirky. Like this truckload of joy pictured above. Fresh blooms in a miniature truck? Consider us on board with that idea!

We are cuckoo for kettles!

Photo Credits:Neeta Shankar Photography


Taarini is nothing if not a bunch of art-crazed people! Our fingers tingle at the prospect of painting kettles in a whole range of colours and adorning them with patterns that brighten and delight a wedding party. Whether they’re propped up on tables or left hanging from the streamers outdoors, kettles have our seal of approval.

We love those new-age photobooths!

Photo Credits:Neeta Shankar Photography


If you didn’t take a fun picture at your friend’s sangeet, did you even go to the sangeet? Décor comes into play when you think about the Instagram potential of your wedding. So, if you want to get cyberspace talking, give us a call and we’ll set up that fun photo booth for you!

Setting the scene

Photo Credits:Neeta Shankar Photography

Sometimes, the big picture is the last thing you might think to look at. And sometimes, that’s a good thing, because it’s a neat way to tie the whole scene together. We love making sure you look your best with everything around you a dazzling reflection of who you are. Making sure the backdrop perfectly complements the funky cushions and carpeting is what we take pleasure in. So, sit back, relax and leave it to us!







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